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TNG Season 1, Ep# 13: "The Big Goodbye"

PICARD VO: Captain's log, supplemental. I am delighted with how the Holodeck has created the fictional world of Dixon Hill ... the illusion is flawless.

Culture: the holodeck technology must be quite new to the Federation, given Picard's "delight" with it (not to mention Riker's astonishment and unfamiliarity in the first episode).

Wayne Poe notes that this technology was first deployed as a frivolous entertainment device on Galaxy Class starships, rather than being initially deployed as a training device at the Academy (or, for that matter, on those aforementioned Galaxy Class starships). Karl Marx once had something to say about the supreme importance of entertaining the masses ...

TNG Season 1, Ep# 13: "The Big Goodbye"

GEORDI: La Forge to bridge.

RIKER (over comm): Riker here.

GEORDI: I can't find the captain, sir.

RIKER: I told you, he's in the Holodeck.

GEORDI: Something's... gone wrong.

RIKER: What are you saying Lieutenant?

GEORDI: I can't communicate with them, I can't access the program, and I can't open the doors.


PICARD: I can't help you, Mister Leech. I'm afraid this game is over.

LEECH: I assure you, this is no game!

WHALEN (laughing): Take it from me Leech, you'll never find it. Now ... give me the gun.

(Leech shoots Whalen in the chest. He collapses to the floor)

WHALEN (whispering in disbelief): But... they're not real.

BEVERLY: This man has been shot. If we don't get him to Sickbay, he'll die.

Misc: the first of many life-threatening problems.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 13: "The Big Goodbye"

REDBLOCK: Our destiny awaits. Au revoir et bon chance, mon ami!

(Redblock steps outside the holodeck with Leech, leaving an unnamed thug behind to watch Picard and the others. The thug points the gun at Picard, but Data reaches out and squeezes its muzzle shut)

Computers and Androids: Data is established to have sufficient strength to deform the barrel of an early 20th century handgun.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 13: "The Big Goodbye"

REDBLOCK: Another world. A whole new world to plunder!

LEECH: Uh-oh.

REDBLOCK: What is it?

(both holographic men start slowly disappearing, starting at their feet).

REDBLOCK: Nooo!! I want to live!! I want-- (he disappears)

Misc: holographic projections vanish of their own accord after leaving the holodeck, but not instantly.

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