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TNG Season 7, Ep# 166: "Sub Rosa"

RONIN: He was trying to destroy me... I had to defend myself... But I would never hurt you, Beverly. I'm here to protect you...

BEVERLY: No, you're not. There's no such thing as a ghost... you're some sort of ... anaphasic lifeform. Anaphasic energy is extremely unstable ... without an organic host to maintain your molecular cohesion, you'd die ... isn't that right?

Culture: "there's no such thing as a ghost", Dr. Crusher insists, but there is such a thing as a technobabble life form which satisfies all of the criteria for being a ghost. And she eventually exorcises this demon by destroying the magic candle which is his connection to the physical world ... er, I mean, she destroys the candle which maintains the cohesion of his anaphasic energy patterns. Yeah, that's it. Somebody had better remind me once again of how Star Wars has mysticism and Star Trek doesn't.

Roy Cowan points out that Star Trek is arguably more mystical than Star Wars on this basis, since Star Trek merely slaps pseudoscientific labels on such phenomena and then carries on without understanding them or even trying to research them, while Star Wars depicts a society where these phenomena are so well understood that they can detect infants skilled in their use, they can quantify those abilities, and they already have an array of training techniques which they can use to hone these skills. Measurement, application, and training indicate a certain level of scientific understanding which is completely absent from the Federation's approach toward telekinetic and/or telepathic phenomena.

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