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TNG Season 2, Ep# 48: "Shades of Gray"

GEORDI: What's wrong?

RIKER: Something jabbed me in the calf...

GEORDI: O'Brien -- Commander Riker's been injured -- lock on and bring him up.

O'BRIEN: Stand by.

RIKER: Geordi, it's just --

GEORDI: A scratch. Right. Sorry, Commander, but we can't take any chances. We're the first survey team to set foot on this planet ... we don't know what the risks are ... what's the hold up, O'Brien?

O'BRIEN: The transporter has detected unidentified microbes in Commander Riker's body.

GEORDI: Can't the biofilters screen them out?

O'BRIEN: Apparently not.

Culture: again, we see how they blindly trust their technology even after personally experiencing its inadequacies. In spite of the problems they had in "The Naked Now", the very first survey team to set foot on an alien planet goes down without environmental suits, utterly confident that their transporter's bio-filters (which failed to stop previous infectants) will protect them.

Of course, we find out that they can't. Again. Apparently, the geniuses in Starfleet are incapable of learning from examples, even when those examples come from their own experience.

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