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TNG Season 7, Ep# 167: "Lower Decks"

TAURIK: Perhaps something you have in common?

BEN: He likes Jazz... poker... he's Canadian --

LAVELLE: Yeah? My grandfather was from Canada.

BEN: There you go.

Culture: in "Conundrum" we found out that Riker was born in Alaska, but now we hear that Ben thinks he's Canadian. Apparently, geography is no longer being taught in the 24th century school system (the only alternative is that Alaska becomes part of Canada for some reason).

In any case, as a Canadian, I find it highly unlikely that Riker is one of my countrymen. Not once during the entire Star Trek TNG series run does he ever mention beer or hockey!

As an aside, I notice that none of the hard contact team sports (rugby, Canadian or American football, lacrosse, or hockey) are ever mentioned in Star Trek. Baseball seems to be the only modern team sport that lasts into the 24th century.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 167: "Lower Decks"

PICARD: How close are we to the Cardassian border?

DATA: Less than five thousand kilometers.

WORF: Sir, I am detecting an object ... five meters in length. It appears to be an escape pod.

RIKER: They must have been forced to abandon ship.

PICARD: How far inside Cardassian space is it?

WORF: Over fifty thousand kilometers.

PICARD: How the hell are we going to get it out of there?

Transporters: an escape pod 55,000 km away is beyond their transporter range. This helps us confirm the 40,000 km range figure from earlier episodes.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 167: "Lower Decks"

PICARD: Once the shuttle is safely past the patrol, Joret will put you in an escape pod and send you back across the border.

RIKER: Since the pod is so small, it shouldn't be detectable.

Sensors: they found the Cardassian pod because they already knew the rendezvous point, but they expect an ordinary pod to escape detection (unless someone happens to pass it closely).

TNG Season 7, Ep# 167: "Lower Decks"

PICARD: Prepare a probe and launch when ready.

WORF: Aye, sir ... it will be several minutes before we begin to receive the probe's telemetry.

DATA: Sir, I am detecting signs of debris two hundred thousand kilometers inside Cardassian space.

Sensors: they couldn't detect an escape pod from 200,000 km away, and they couldn't enter Cardassian space so they had to launch a probe to look for it. Note that they already knew its flight path and rendezvous location, but they still couldn't find the debris until they sent a probe in.

This also raises the question of how many sensor activities in the past have actually used probes or the Federation sensor network, rather than the ship's own sensor array.

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