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TNG Season 1, Ep# 8: "Lonely Among Us"

TASHA: About the dietary requirements of the Antican delegates ...

RIKER: I thought that had been taken care of in advance, Tasha.

TASHA: So did we, sir. Their live animals were beamed aboard -- We were going to preserve the meat for them, but ... they say we must bring it to them alive.

RIKER: Then do so! (to the Antican) Lieutenant Yar was... confused. We no longer enslave animals for food purposes.

BADAR N'D'D: But we have seen humans eat meat!

RIKER: You've seen something as fresh and tasty as living meat, but inorganically materialized out of patterns used by our transporters.

Culture: Riker attempts to portray the wholesale replacement of real meat with replicated synthetic food in a good light, by describing it as the end of inhumane animal enslavement.

This is all the more interesting since DS9 showed real seafood being cooked on Earth, and Picard uses his influence to have real caviar brought on board. Does the Federation regard livestock animals as sentient and therefore inviolate, without extending the same considerations toward aquatic life? Or is this evidence of a contrast between the stated values of the Federation and its actual conduct?

Do you remember ST4? What would the powerful, mysterious friends of the Earth's humpback whale think of this double standard?

TNG Season 1, Ep# 8: "Lonely Among Us"

TROI: Captain, do you exist in combination with the entity?

RIKER: Is it in control of you, sir?

PICARD: By the time we combined, we had learned much about each other ... our passion for exploration... for the unknown. We found we had similar dreams ... and it offered your captain a way to realize them beyond any human expectation.

RIKER: Captain, I must speak to you

DATA: I understand. As an energy pattern free of the limitations of matter... it might travel anywhere, at any velocity...

Realism: this is the first TNG example of a floating luminescent cloud being described as "energy", even though it is clearly a form of matter (moving at very low speed). Energy can travel slowly, but only when travelling through very specific forms of matter (eg. Bose-Einstein condensates). In space or ordinary atmosphere, energy travels at c.

Since they repeatedly describe phenomena as energy even when they are clearly not energy, we are forced to conclude that the term "energy" has changed between now and the 24th century.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 8: "Lonely Among Us"

TROI: Wait! I'm feeling... yes, it's the captain! The captain only. He's out there alone!

RIKER: The entity... has it abandoned him?

TROI: No, the combination just wasn't possible out there. The Captain's in trouble, sir; we must beam him back!

RIKER: Beam him back as what? He's nothing but energy now.

Culture: Picard is still "alive" and perceptible by Counsellor Troi, despite being physically destroyed. It would seem that he has a non-corporeal "soul", but no one seems willing to dwell on this, or discuss its spiritual implications.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 8: "Lonely Among Us"

DATA: I knew we had to have the captain's physical pattern here. He was the last one beamed out.

RIKER: Is what you're thinking possible?

DATA: Unknown at this time, sir. I hope the captain remembers his pattern is here. If he has, his energy has moved into the transporter relays by now...

RIKER: Wish we had some sign he's there. We've no choice but to risk it.

DATA: Energizing, sir!

(Picard reappears)

PICARD: What the devil am I doing here?!

RIKER: Sounds like our Captain...

DATA: But confused. This Picard-pattern was formed before he went out there...

Transporters: they're attempting to restore the Captain from the transporter's "pattern buffer". One must wonder why they need "his energy" at all, since the structure, memories and thought patterns of the resulting transporter duplicate are obviously taken from the pattern buffer rather than this mysterious "energy".

This incident raises an obvious question: why was it important for them to have his "energy" in order to re-create him, since they already had his complete physical structure in the pattern buffer? Since the term "energy" seems to have changed in the 24th century, might his "energy" actually refer to something more complex, such as an exotic form of matter?

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