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TNG Season 7, Ep# 172: "Journey's End"

NECHEYEV: The Federation has just completed a very long and difficult series of  negotiations regarding the final status of our border with the Cardassians. These will be the official boundaries... you'll notice that a demilitarized zone has also been created along the border. Neither side will be permitted to place military outposts, conduct fleet exercises, or station warships anywhere in the demilitarized area.

PICARD: This border will put several Federation colonies in Cardassian territory... and some Cardassian colonies in ours.

NECHEYEV: The agreement is by no means perfect... neither side got everything they  wanted... but everyone got something. And as someone once said, diplomacy is the art of the possible. Those colonies finding themselves on the wrong side of the border will have to be moved.

PICARD: The colonists are not going to be very happy about that... some of them have been there for decades.

Culture: where was the debate over this treaty? Why doesn't Picard even know about its terms until Necheyev tells him?

In real life, the terms of a peace treaty are discussed in the press almost as quickly as they're discussed at the summit. In fact, that kind of publicity is actually necessary, because public feedback gives the politician some idea of how he might proceed.

The Federation/Cardassian negotiations, on the other hand, appear to have been conducted in relative secrecy, so that even a high-ranking officer in Starfleet has no idea what the terms are until a Starfleet admiral sees fit to enlighten him.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 172: "Journey's End"

PICARD: I must point out that when you first came to this world, you were warned that it was the subject of a dispute between the Federation and the Cardassians. You were asked not to settle here.

WAKASA: Do you know how long we have searched for a home? Almost two hundred years. Then we found this world... Can you blame us for not wanting to give it up?

Size and Scope: one would think they would have been able to find a new homeworld that wasn't sitting on a disputed borderline.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 172: "Journey's End"

LAKANTA: I have known you would come to us for the past two years.

WESLEY: I'm... not sure what you mean.

LAKANTA: Two years ago, I went into the Habak and began a vision quest. While I was there, I saw many things... talked to many animals and spirits... and I saw you.

Culture: vision quests, spiritual possessions, ghosts, psychic visions ... oh wait, I forgot. This is a hardcore science fiction show. No mysticism here. There must be something involving the word "subspace" which can explain all of this. Yeah, that's the ticket ...

TNG Season 7, Ep# 172: "Journey's End"

TRAVELLER: You've evolved to a new level ... you're ready to explore places where thought and energy combine in ways you cannot even imagine. I will be your guide... if you'd like.

WESLEY: What about them? I can't just leave them like this.

TRAVELLER: They must find their own destinies, Wesley. It is not our place to interfere.

WESLEY: But...

TRAVELLER: Have faith in their abilities to solve their problems on their own.

Culture: the Traveller seems to share the Federation's morally bankrupt belief in isolationism and non-interference. He claims to be able to peer past the veil of normal space-time to see the future, but if that's true, then he already knows the tragic fate that will befall these people.

They will strike a deal with the Cardassians, but it won't last. They and others like them will eventually rise up against their Cardassian rulers and become known as the Maquis. They will fight a hopeless battle against insurmountable odds while the Federation government ignores their plight, refuses to render aid, and worse yet, actually arrests anyone who tries to help them. Their final fate will be a brutal massacre at the hands of the Jem'Hadar, alone, unaided, forgotten, and ignored by the Federation.

But none of that apparently matters to the Traveller, who's just as amoral as the framers of the Federation's Prime Directive.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 172: "Journey's End"

PICARD: Evek, the last war caused massive destruction... took millions of lives. Don't send our two peoples back down that path... not like this. History is in your hands -- right now.  Give us one last chance for peace.

Size and Scope: Picard's plea gives us an idea of the damage done by the Federation/Cardassian war. It was damaging enough to kill millions of people, and it was probably a fairly even match, given the even terms of the peace treaty (a clear winner in a war does not cede part of his own territory, as the Federation did).

TNG Season 7, Ep# 172: "Journey's End"

PICARD: Anthwara... I want to make absolutely sure you understand the implications of this agreement. By giving up your status as Federation citizens... any future request you or your people make for assistance from Starfleet will go unanswered. You will be on your own... and under Cardassian jurisdiction.

Culture: Picard makes it sound as if Anthwara and the others will no longer be Federation citizens, which would presumably mean that Starfleet no longer has any jurisdiction over them whatsoever. But as we shall eventually learn in "Pre-emptive Strike", that is a one-sided deal.

As it turns out, they will still be expected to obey Federation laws and respect the terms of Federation treaties, but they won't be entitled to Federation aid. In DS9, we will even discover that independent attempts to render aid will be considered criminal acts by the Federation government! Talk about a raw deal ...

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