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TNG Season 7, Ep# 155: "Interface"

PICARD VO: Captain's Log, Stardate 47215.5. We are responding to a distress call from the science vessel Raman, which is apparently trapped inside the turbulent atmosphere of an unusual gas giant planet. We will use an experimental interface probe in our attempt to rescue it.

Shields and Forcefields: Picard doesn't even consider taking the Enterprise into the planet's atmosphere in order to find the Raman, so they have to put Geordi's life at risk by tying his central nervous system into a sophisticated RPV at extreme long range (the range necessitated such high levels of boost that it threatened to cause permanent nerve damage).

Too bad their shields can't protect the Enterprise from the swirling gases of the planet's atmosphere

TNG Season 7, Ep# 155: "Interface"

PICARD: Any life signs?

GEORDI: Our bio-sensors are useless -- there's too much interference in the atmosphere.

Sensors: they can't tell whether anyone is alive aboard the Raman because of interference from an ordinary atmosphere.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 155: "Interface"

ADMIRAL HOLT: I wish I could say I was just calling to catch up on things. Nine days ago, the Hera left here on a routine courier mission. We were in contact with them for five of those days. Then the ship disappeared without a trace.

Propulsion: once again, we see that travel times are usually measured in days, not hours.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 155: "Interface"

PICARD: The Hera's last reported location was over three hundred light years away. How could it have ended up here?

Propulsion: the Hera has been missing for four days, and they don't see any way it could be here, 300 light years away. A 4-day, 300 light year trip would require speeds of over 27000c, so this indicates that such speeds are well beyond their capabilities. Given the other figures stated onscreen regarding distances and times, this doesn't come as a surprise.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 155: "Interface"

DATA: I have been exploring the possibility of using a tractor beam to pull the Raman from the atmosphere. However, there is so much interference that it prevents a positive lock.

Misc: they are ineffective through the atmosphere of a gas giant.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 155: "Interface"

YRANAC: Family honor is important. If someone had defiled my sister, I would do anything ... pay anything ... to find the one responsible.

RIKER: I see. And just how much would "anything" be?

YRANAC: As much as five bars of goldpress latinum.

Culture: this is our first encounter with "goldpress latinum" which, as we learn later, is apparently some sort of sintered gold which is impregnated with a precious clear liquid (latinum).

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