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TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

WORF: Captain! Communication from Starfleet. They have recorded a disturbance in the Neutral Zone.

PICARD: What is the nature of the disturbance?

WORF: A battle. Quadrant nine -- coordinates zero-seven-zero, mark three. No information who is involved. They are asking if we can investigate.

Size and Scope: Worf makes reference to "quadrant nine", even though the galaxy is divided into precisely four quadrants (indeed, the "quad" prefix is defined as "four"). A quadrant numbered "nine" strongly suggests that the term "quadrant" should not always be taken literally in Star Trek

This is significant because the phrase "the Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant" is heard quite often, and it is easy to assume that they're talking about one of the four galactic quadrants.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

RIKER: Should we separate the saucer?

PICARD: Let's get some more information first.

Culture: Picard again demonstrates Starfleet's casual attitude toward the lives of the civilians aboard the Enterprise, as well as the lives of their children. One must ask why Starfleet has no regulations covering this situation, if they insisted on filling their warships full of civilians and children.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

GEORDI: Commander, a fissure is developing in the bulkhead. The skin of the ship is losing its integrity.

RIKER: Where? I don't see it.

GEORDI: There (looks at wall section, transmitting visor images to Enterprise main viewer).

PICARD: Step closer.

(Geordi complies)

PICARD: It looks to me like a spectrograph indicating metal fatigue. Is that how you interpret it?

GEORDI: Correct, Captain.

Realism: metal fatigue is the cumulative effect of long-term sub-critical loading on structural members. Battle damage has nothing whatsoever to do with metal fatigue, and if a fissure is rapidly developing, then it's not metal fatigue. It's simply an overload.

Unfortunately, most laypeople have no real idea of what metal fatigue really is, and this passage reminds us that the Trek writers are not science experts, no matter what some of their fans may think. They're soap opera writers who use the terminology of science and engineering freely without giving a damn whether any of it is accurate (notice the contrast with TV writers' careful attention to medical accuracy). Their disrespect for science is incredible.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

RIKER: How long before the hull ruptures?

GEORDI: Impossible to be exact. Five minutes -- probably less.

Realism: fatigue failures can't possibly be predicted to within an accuracy of a few minutes, particularly when the magnitude of the loading is not known.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

PICARD: Contact Starfleet -- find out what they know about Korris and company.

RIKER: It will take forty-eight hours for a message to get to Starfleet on subspace frequency.

Communications: we learn that it will take 48 hours for a message to reach Starfleet HQ from their current location, which is somewhere in the Romulan Neutral Zone.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

KORRIS: Sit, friend - let us eat. I did not know there are ... Klingons serving on human Starfleet vessels.

WORF: As far as I know, I am the only one.

Culture: Korris makes reference to "human Starfleet vessels", thus suggesting that Starflet practices a form of racial segregation.

Wayne Poe notes that we've heard many references to Federation starships with all-Vulcan crews in the past (starting in TOS), and we know that non-humans are in the extreme minority on most starships. Racial segregation in starship postings may help explain this.

It amazes me how Star Trek fans can accept obvious racial segregation in the form of all-Vulcan crews without batting an eyelash. Can you imagine if the US Navy had ships on which the entire crew was black? Better yet, suppose the rest of their ships were overwhelmingly white, with less than ¼% blacks on board. How would that strike you?

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

DATA: Captain, long-range sensors indicate another vessel approaching this area.

GEORDI: Captain, the unidentified vessel is moving towards us at warp five. Intersect in one hour, sixteen minutes, thirty-three seconds.

PICARD: Can we get a visual?

GEORDI: I can try, sir.

PICARD: Magnify.

(A Klingon battlecruiser appears on the main viewer)

RIKER: Klingons.

Sensors: they can detect a starship which is more than an hour away at warp five, but in earlier episodes, they had twice failed to detect ships until they were mere minutes away at sublight speed! This means there must be something about a warp-driven ship which makes it very easy to detect at long range. Perhaps the warp bubble itself is so disruptive that it can be detected from many light years away.

Notice that they can obtain a "visual" of the incoming ship, even though that should be impossible because at warp five, it should be outrunning its own image. The "visual" must be a mere representation, constructed by the computer for their sake (in which case, it's a purely emotional response to ask for visuals, since they would only be looking at what the computer thinks it's picking up, rather than a true visual).

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

PICARD: Where are they now?

TASHA: They are with Worf on Deck Seventeen.

PICARD: Deck Seventeen?

TASHA: Yes, sir -- next to the auxiliary turbolift to the Battle Bridge. Shall I alert Lieutenant Worf?

PICARD: No. Send a security team to Deck Seventeen.

RIKER: Captain, you don't think Worf would allow them access to the Battle Bridge?

PICARD: Right now, Number One, we cannot assume anything.

Culture: both Riker and Picard no longer trust Lieutenant Worf, simply because he's with other Klingons and they assume that his loyalties are therefore in doubt.

Imagine if a real-life police officer discovered that two black suspects are in the custody of a black police officer, and immediately assumed that the officer could no longer be trusted. Would that strike you as racist?

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

TASHA: I thought for a minute we had a problem.


TASHA: Yes. It looked like Korris was going to hold the little girl as a hostage.

WORF: That is not our way.

Culture: Worf talks about "our way" when he was raised from childhood in the Federation, but his only knowledge of other Klingons comes from academic study.

Apparently, those studies never included the Organian incident in "Errand of Mercy", in which Kor took an entire town hostage, and ordered his men to butcher the helpless, unarmed Organians by the hundreds unless his demands were met.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

SCREENPLAY: Konmel and Korris construct a Klingon weapon. Each takes off his belt buckle. Korris twists them together. Then each removes the side panels from their boots. These too, fit together and form more of the weapon, which now begins to GLOW. Then Konmel removes the item he took off the dead Klingon. He turns it until it forms into a tube which he attaches to the other pieces and this becomes the barrel. The weapon takes shape. The bracelet which Korris takes from his wrist becomes the muzzle. Konmel's the stock. He holds the very deadly looking "phaser" and with a nod of his head, he indicates the forcefield.

Culture: Klingons conceal enough components in their standard armour to construct a weapon, provided at least two of them are present. Real-life soldiers routinely strip prisoners in order to make sure they aren't concealing any weapons, but this sort of prudent measure obviously doesn't occur to the men and women of Starfleet.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 20: "Heart of Glory"

SCREENPLAY: Kommel removes what looks like a very common button from his uniform, then leans down and carefully attaches it to the bottom of the forcefield. The field is instantly neutralized..

Shields and Forcefields: the Klingons have tiny devices which can easily shut down a detention cell forcefield. This, in turn, makes me wonder what is required in order to shut down one of those forcefields. There are obviously some weaknesses we are not aware of.

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