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TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

RIKER: You've got twelve outstanding arrest warrants for fraud and petty theft in the Klingon Empire. If you tell me what you know, I'll pull a few strings...

YRANAC: You can't turn me over to the Klingons! They don't just imprison you ... do you know what the punishment is for fraud?

RIKER: Yes. I certainly do.

YRANAC: If I tell you what I know, you must promise you won't give me to the Klingons.

RIKER: I'll think about it.

YRANAC: Perhaps you could send me to a Federation rehabilitation colony instead.

Culture: the Federation still has prisons, although they're apparently called "rehabilitation colonies" now. I get the feeling they resemble modern "country club" prisons for white-collar criminals.

Mark Berger adds that this is indeed the case. The first episode of Voyager ("Caretaker") showed the Federation rehabilitation colony where Tom Paris was incarcerated, and it was indeed very much like a modern vacation resort. Obviously, they do not employ physical hardship in order to reform criminals (perhaps they use sophisticated drug-assisted brainwashing techniques instead?).

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

GIUSTI: Commander, we're picking up a vessel leaving orbit.

DATA: Why was it not detected earlier?

GIUSTI: They could have been using the planet as a shield.

Sensors: they are limited to line-of-sight detection for the pirate vessel, so they couldn't see it when it was hiding behind the planet.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

GIUSTI: They're running, sir... their speed is warp 8.7 and holding. I think they're at their maximum.

DATA: Take us to warp nine and pursue. Lock phasers on target.

GIUSTI: Aye, sir... we should be within phaser range in 23 seconds. Switching to long-range scanners ... Commander, the sensor image of that ship is extremely weak ... it's fading ... the ship doesn't register on the long range sensors. I'm sorry, sir... we've lost them.


DATA: For the short time it was within our visual range, we were able to take sensor readings of the mercenary vessel. It appears to be encased in an energy-absorbing material. Although we can see the ship, this energy sheath renders it virtually undetectable to our long-range sensors.

Sensors: there are clear differences between the effectiveness of long-range sensors and short-range EM sensors. In fact, Baran's ship is nearly invisible to long-range (subspace) sensors even though it is perfectly visibly to the naked eye as well as EM sensor technologies such as optics and radar. Note that energy-absorbing surface coatings are a real-life stealth technology.

Also note that the ship was leaving, and their ability to track departing ships may be weaker than their ability to track approaching ships.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

GEORDI: Data, I know this is a long shot... but if I remodulate the long-range sensor array, I might be able to increase its sensitivity enough to detect the ship.

DATA: Without a full compositional analysis of the energy sheath, the chances of finding the correct remodulation sequence are remote. Furthermore, based on their speed, they could be as far as 2.37 light years from this location.

WORF: That means they must still be within this sector. If we used all available shuttlecraft to conduct a level-one search --

DATA: It would still take at least ten days to complete. In that time the mercenaries would continue to distance themselves from us.

Sensors: it will take ten days to search an area 2.37 light years in radius, even with the use of all the shuttlecraft on the Enterprise.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

DATA: The planet was an outpost of the Debrune approximately 2000 years ago. The Federation Archaeological survey has catalogued numerous ruins on the surface.


DATA: These structures were built by the Debrune. That race was an ancient offshoot of the Romulans. And the ruins on the planet where Captain Picard was killed were also Romulan in origin.

Misc: the Romulan civilization has been around for quite a while. The Debrune are a Romulan offshoot (who are in turn a Vulcan offshoot), and they must have been exploring space and settling planets 2000 years ago.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

BARAN: By the time they're able to detect us, we'll be jamming their communications. They'll have no chance to send a message.

NARIK: But our sensors will be useless as well. Starfleet's already searching for this ship. They could be on top of us without our realizing it.

PICARD: He's right. And our landing party would be stranded on the surface.

Sensors: they are useless when communications are being jammed.; This means that the sensor and communication systems must employ similar principles.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

SANDERS: Commander, no one is allowed on the surface without prior authorization from the Federation Science Council.

Culture: Federation Science Council? There is a centralized government-run science council which can deny access to certain planets which it deems scientifically valuable? Fascinating.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

PICARD: I'm configuring the disruptors to fire a phase resonant pulse ... if I can hit their shield generator at precisely the right frequency, I should be able to knock it off-line with a single shot ... firing ... their shields are down ...

Shields and Forcefields: they must have a resonant frequency, hence their vulnerability to phase-resonant weapons.

TNG Season 7, Ep# 156: "Gambit Part 1"

DATA: Ensign, scan for Starfleet combadge signals. Is Commander Riker aboard that ship?

GIUSTI: I can't tell, sir. Sensors are unable to penetrate their hull.

Sensors: the energy-absorbing hull coating on Baran's pirate ship makes it impenetrable to Federation sensors, even at close range.

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