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TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

RIKER: Ensign, our position....

WESLEY: Approaching ten million kilometers from the neutron star...

Shields and Forcefields: the Enterprise can approach to within 10 million km of a neutron star. Note that the Millenium Falcon was able to approach to within a thousand km of a neutron star (one which was accreting matter from a neighbour and throwing off huge quantities of radiation as a result), in "Rebel Dawn".

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

WORF: The sensors clearly indicate the approach of a Borg vessel.

RIKER: Shields up.

WORF: Shields are not responding.

GEORDI: Manual overide is jammed. It's not gonna work this time... we don't have shields, Captain.

WORF: Captain, they've fired energy weapons at us...

PICARD: Evasive action.

RIKER: Bring about to two-eight-five mark three.

PICARD: Predict current vector of the Borg ship.

WORF: Vector... is gone. And so is the Borg vessel.

PICARD: You're telling me this was another computer glitch?

DATA: It is conceivable that we were viewing a synthetically generated image... although there is no precedent for it.

Computers and Androids: Data demonstrates serious incompetence. In "Peak Performance", they saw a synthetically generated image of a Romulan Warbird, and now, just three episodes later, Data says that there's "no precedent" for the computer synthetically generating an image of something that's not really there.

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

PICARD: The fact of the matter is we're dealing with a potential breakdown of our main computer...

RIKER: That's hard to accept.

DATA: The system automatically provides for self-correction, Captain. There has not been a system-wide technological failure on a starship in seventy-nine years.

Computers and Androids: Data demonstrates serious incompetence again. In "Contagion", the USS Yamato was destroyed by a system-wide technological failure. The USS Enterprise was also stricken with a system-wide technological failure, although they managed to recover in time. That's two incidents in spite of Data's denial, and they both obviously happened within the last 79 years (in fact, they happened only 13 episodes ago).

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

STUBBS: My dear Counselor, no insult intended but please turn off your beam into my soul. I will share the feelings I wish to share...

Culture: the brilliant but pathologically antisocial Doctor Stubbs is the only person to express irritation at Counsellor Troi's casual invasions of privacy. Perhaps he was able to resist Federation indoctrination techniques due to his superior intellect, so he doesn't share their acceptance of such unsolicited violations.

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

WESLEY: I've been working on my final project for Advanced Genetics. It's on nanotechnology. And I've been studying the nanites we have in the Sickbay genetic supplies. They're just like tiny little robots with gigabytes of mechanical computer memory, tiny enough to enter living cells and conduct repairs. They're supposed to be strictly confined to the lab.

Culture: some nanotechnology is inevitable, but it's reckless and stupid for the Federation to allow a mere boy to experiment with it. Nanotechnology is inherently dangerous; it would be like allowing modern high school students to experiment with samples of the smallpox virus.

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

DATA: Doctor, are you suggesting they are becoming a ... civilization?

STUBBS: Oh really. I'm sorry but this is nonsense. You can't have a civilization of computer chips. They're made in a plant in Dakar Senegal. I've watched the construction.

Replicators: the nanites are apparently too complex to replicate, since they must be manufactured in a plant. Notice that they are sub-cellular in size.

Borg nanoprobes are roughly the same size as a blood cell and the replicator could duplicate them, so it would appear that the limits of replicator resolution sit somewhere between the scales and internal complexities of Borg nanoprobes and medical nanites.

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

WESLEY: We're testing a low level gamma field that might reduce their processing speed.

STUBBS: Have you considered a high level charge?

DATA: High level gamma radiation would kill them, Doctor Stubbs.

STUBBS: I know (fires a burst of gamma radiation at the panel)


WORF: He entered a computer access room and sterilized one of the processors with gamma radiation.

DATA: The nanites in the upper core are all dead, Captain.

Misc: the nanites are vulnerable to gamma radiation.

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

PICARD: Data, can you find me a way to communicate with these things?

DATA: With intelligence, they have the capacity for language. But it will depend on how far their evolution has brought them. We could modify the circuits in the universal translator to make it capable of communications with them...

Misc: it would be nice to know what sort of "modification" the Universal Translator required, in order to gain the capability of communication with the nanites (although, as it turned out, the nanites had to do all the work).

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

SCREENPLAY: Science One has now become a montage of symbols, numbers, letters... a pause where a response might be... but there is none. Data types at a keyboard at his station... broadcasting these messages... waiting for a response... nothing.


(Stubbs is attacked and nearly killed by the nanites)

PICARD: I have to believe this was not an arbitrary attack...

BEVERLY: Has Data made any progress in contacting them?

(Picard shakes his head no).

STUBBS (hoarse): You must protect me. Kill them.

SCREENPLAY: Science One. The montage of symbols, numbers and letters... no response. Data at his station... intense, wanting a response ... getting nothing. Pull back to include Riker and Worf watching the exercise. Geordi and Wesley are not there. The attacks continue. Picard enters..

PICARD: Commander Riker, on my signal, we will gamma-irradiate all computer systems throughout the Enterprise to end this conflict.

RIKER: Worf, prepare to activate gamma pulse generators.

WORF: Electromagnetic scanners ready, Captain.

SCREENPLAY: Science One. A symbol appears in the pause space...

DATA: Captain...

SCREENPLAY: Data types again... Picard watches... Worf and Riker stop their sequence, watch... again the same symbol ...

DATA: I have established contact.


DATA: They are virtually learning the concept of communication as we continue, Captain... each new generation is making modifications.

PICARD: Can we actually talk to them yet?

DATA: I think it is worth an attempt...

Misc: more of the limitations of the Universal Translator. Twice now, it has been used with communities of tiny life forms (the first incident being in "Home Soil"). In both cases, it has been the life forms themselves who figured out how to communicate with the Universal Translator, rather than the Universal Translator figuring out the life forms' language.

Notice that despite the phenomenal rate of evolution in the nanite civilization, the Universal Translator was still unable to decipher the manner in which they communicate with one another, and they had to wait for the nanites to figure out how to communicate in English.

TNG Season 3, Ep# 50: "Evolution"

DATA: Ten seconds to stellar blast.

WESLEY: We're at forty million kilometers from the neutron star.

RIKER: Hold your position.

Shields and Forcefields: as the moment of the geyser approaches, they retreat from 10 million km to 40 million km.

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