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TNG Season 1, Ep# 1: "Encounter At Farpoint"

PICARD: Reverse power, full stop.

CONN: Controls to full stop, sir.

CONN: Now reading full stop, sir.

Realism: the first example of the nonsensical "full stop" terminology which will be repeated countless times throughout the series run. "Full stop" relative to what? The galactic axis? Earth? Either choice is problematic. A "full stop" relative to the galactic axis would be a very large velocity relative to Earth. A "full stop" relative to Earth could be a very large velocity relative to nearby celestial bodies.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 1: "Encounter At Farpoint"

WORF: We're now at Warp nine point three, sir. Which takes us past the red line, sir.


WORF: Our velocity is only nine point five, sir.

DATA: Projection, sir. We may be able to match the hostile's nine point eight, sir. But at extreme risk.

Propulsion: this indicates that warp 9.3 is the maximum speed of the Enterprise-D, although warp 9.5 is available for short bursts, and higher warp factors may be possible but only at the risk of destroying the ship.

Unfortunately, this information is meaningless without a reliable equation describing velocity as a function of warp factor. The TM contains a chart but it is non-canon and therefore purely speculative. Furthermore, subsequent events in the canon shows will directly contradict its figures.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 1: "Encounter At Farpoint"

PICARD: Note in ship's log that at this startime, I am transferring command to the Battle Bridge.

Command Structure: the entire command crew resides in the main bridge, and the battle bridge, as we see in this scene, is deserted until they man it. On a real warship, auxiliary command centres do exist (naturally), but unlike the Enterprise's battle bridge, they are manned during emergency situations. What's the point of a battle bridge if it isn't manned during battle, ready to take over if the main bridge is destroyed?

TNG Season 1, Ep# 1: "Encounter At Farpoint"

PICARD: I'm not a family man, Riker, and yet, Starfleet has given me a ship with children aboard.

RIKER: Yes, sir. And families...

Culture: Starfleet fills the Enterprise with children and families, even though we know that it is routinely sent into extremely dangerous situations.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 1: "Encounter At Farpoint"

ZORN: Captain, the Ferengi would be very interested in a base like this.

PICARD: Fine. I hope they find you as tasty as their other past associates.

Culture: the Federation has almost no knowledge of the Ferengi at this point, but it has apparently disseminated negative misinformation to its officers anyway.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 1: "Encounter At Farpoint"

RIKER (looking at plants in holodeck): I didn't believe these could be so real.

DATA: Much of it is real, sir. If the transporters can convert our bodies to an energy beam, then back to the original pattern again...

RIKER: Yes, of course. And all these have much simpler patterns.

DATA (pointing): The rear wall.

RIKER: I can't see it.

DATA: You will.

RIKER (squinting): Incredible!

Misc: they're at least partly based on transporter technology, and the illusion is not entirely perfect, if you know where to look.

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