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TNG Season 7, Ep# 159: "Dark Page"

(Maques is a telepath who is speaking about Lwaxana, specifically the difficulties of communicating telepathically with her)

MAQUES: there is a part of her ... a part of her that is dark.

TROI: Dark?

MAQUES: A part of her that... can not be seen. Do you understand?

TROI: Did you ask my Mother about this?

MAQUES: She called it ... privacy.

TROI: Of course ... you said that among the Cairn, nothing is hidden. We value honesty, but we don't always share everything we're thinking and feeling.

MAQUES: This is... privacy?

TROI: Yes.

MAQUES: It is... normal?

TROI: For us, yes.

Culture: Lwaxana and other Betazoids understand the importance of privacy, even though they are so contemptuous of the privacy rights of humans that they routinely peer into our minds without asking permission. How nice.

She has a deep dark secret and she doesn't want anyont to know. It's too bad she doesn't think other living beings deserve the same right to mental privacy, and it's too bad the Federation never enacted any laws to protect those rights.

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