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TNG Season 1, Ep# 4: "Code of Honor"

PICARD VO: Captain's log, stardate 41235.25. Our location planet Ligon II, source of a rare vaccine needed on Federation planet Styris IV.


PICARD: Meanwhile, you were testing whether we can replicate the vaccine...


BEVERLY: And we can't! Their sample works fine when used as an injection, but it becomes unstable when we try to replicate it. You must get vaccine from the planet, Captain. As much as you can. Immediately!

Replicators: the first in a long list of substances which they desperately need but obviously can't replicate, even with a sample on hand.

In this case, since it is a vaccine, it must be safe for injection into a living organism. Therefore, it must be composed of safe, mundane elements, yet they still can't replicate it.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 4: "Code of Honor"

DATA: It is a highly structured society in which people live by strict codes of honor. For example, what Lutan has done is similar to what certain American Indians once did, called "counting coup." That's from an obscure language called French-

PICARD: A language which for centuries on Earth represented civilization, Mister Data.

DATA: Indeed?

RIKER: I suggest you drop it, Mister Data.

Culture: the French language seems to have greatly diminished in usage by the 24th century, to the point that it is apparently considered a mere historical curiosity. Some may choose to learn it for personal reasons (just as they learn Latin today), and it is conceivable that some pockets of French-speaking peoples may persist, but the English language is apparently predominant among all of the Earth's peoples.

This explains why Picard speaks with a British accent even though he grew up in France.

TNG Season 1, Ep# 4: "Code of Honor"

YAREENA: Natasha Yar, I challenge you! A struggle to the death!

PICARD: No! The challenge is unequivocally refused!

LUTAN: Then you shall have no treaty, no vaccine, and no Lieutenant Yar!

Culture: the Prime Directive rears its ugly head. People are dying on Styris IV and Picard won't forcibly take either Tasha Yar or the precious vaccine, even though the Ligonians are relatively primitive and weak. Therefore, they must humour the bizarre customs of Ligon II. It goes without saying that an Imperial officer would have dealt with this situation in a somewhat more "forceful" way :)

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