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TNG Season 6, Ep# 142: "Birthright Part 1"

DATA: I plan to shut down my cognitive functions for a brief period of time each day. I hope to generate new internal visions.

BASHIR: It sounds like you're talking about dreaming...

DATA: An accurate analogy.

BASHIR: Remarkable... This is just the kind of thing that could get me published in the Starfleet Cybernetics Journal ... would you mind if I authored a paper about all this?

DATA: Of course not.

Culture: Starfleet Cybernetics Journal? Fascinating ... the Federation's pre-eminent scientic journal in the field of cybernetics (going on the assumption that Bashir wouldn't publish such a ground-breaking paper anywhere else) is published under the auspices of its military organization rather than an academic or private industry consortium.

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