History of the Dominate of Drakia's Flag

Flag of the Crown Colony of Drakia; 1783 - 1870

British Red Ensign defaced with the coat of arms of Sir Francis Drake.

Flag of the Dominion of Drakia; 1871 - 1920

Based on the British Union Jack, to signify the Dominion's close continuing ties to the Mother Country.

Flag of the Dominate of Drakia; 1920 - 194x

Based on the Party flag of the Drakian League.

The yellow star stands for the purity of the Drakian race.

Miscellaneous Flags associated with the Drakia

Party Flag of the Drakian League ; 1881 - 194x

Founded in 1881, the Drakian League slowly grew to Dominate (no pun intended) Drakian internal politics through all sorts of schemes, ranging from bribery, blackmail, and up to murder; for anything was acceptable in the Nietzchian worldview slowly digesting Drakian society as long as it strengthened Drakia in the end.

Drakian Naval Jack/Ensign.

Also widely used as a War Ensign for many units within the Dominate's armed forces, leading to the widespread post-war perception that this is the only Drakian flag ever used during the war years.